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Sanyu Giken Industry Co., Ltd.

About us

Corporate philosophy

As a manufacturing group and technology group that always supports the times, Sanyu Giken strives to perform work of which we can be proud. In our mold making for various industries, including the automotive industry, we continue to advance to achieve the best with the concept of three keywords.

1. Mission
We value trust and manufacture quality molds with proven technology.
Taking swift actions to immediately answer our customers' needs.
Responsibly keeping a good conscious as we steadily enrich our employees' lives and contribute to society.

Sanyu Giken is a Japanese manufacturing company specializing in mold making and metal machining.

As a designer and manufacturer of molds, we offer aluminum die cast molds mainly for manufacturing automobile power trains and steering. We manufacture a wide range of mold sizes from 125t to 3,000t, which are delivered to countries around the world, including Japan, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.
Globalization is also advancing in our industry, yet Sanyu Giken continues to manufacture our products in Japan because Japanese advanced technology is required to manufacture complex products that require high quality. For more than half a century, our group of advanced engineers has been committed to making "only one" products in the world and supporting the needs of our customers both in Japan and overseas.


Sanyu Giken's Strengths
<Consult with us for complete mold sets, metal machining, jig, metal part, and prototype trial needs>
We respond to your needs from small to large parts with our diverse range of facilities, including machining centers, EDMs, wire-cut EDMs, and lathes.

As we can manufacture most parts for the molds in-house, we can support needs for small to large parts. Our services include 3D machining of complicated shapes, 2D machining of plates, various jigs for product measurement and inspection improvement, mold maintenance, welding, and cooling parts. We respond to our customers' needs with three basic qualities: mold quality, delivery quality, and cost quality.

Responding to your needs 24 hours, 360 days a year

Sanyu Giken operates with a 24-hour system, so we can speedily respond to rush and emergency needs.
We have many steel materials and quenched materials for high hardness core pins, etc., and can handle unexpected, express orders, etc. Please contact us for emergency repair work and part procurement.

Promoting industry-changing work reforms

Sanyu Giken aims to be an ideal workplace. We have incorporated a stylish and free workspace, which is uncommon in the manufacturing industry, and have taken steps to solve problems that Japan's society faces, such as labor shortages and lack of successors. We offer a flexible work system with benefits, including fertility treatment leave, single parent allowance, remote work, casual attire, and introduction of flextime. Employees have the chance to grow as a person through various experiences, including European study tours with their families and high-class dinners.

Offering mold making, metal machining, as well as prototype trials, product inspections, and mold shipment.

Concept proposal (VA / VE)

We propose improvements for increasing quality and lowering costs by suggesting changes to materials used and mold structures, etc.

Mold design and manufacture

Design drawings are prepared, and molds are manufactured following the product specifications decided with the concept proposal.

Prototype trials (up to 800t)

Prototype trials of products up to 800t are manufactured with the cooperation of neighboring manufacturers.

Product measurement

We also measure aluminum products that are cast with the prototype trials.

Mold shipping

After the product passes inspections, it is directly shipped from Japan to your location around the world.

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