Sanyu Giken Industry Co., Ltd. is a mold maker mainly specializing in aluminum die cast molds. We offer services from design to manufacture. Click here to view our company profile.



Our products center on molds for power trains and steering parts used for automobile engines, mission systems, and motors, etc., and are available in a diverse range from 125t to 3,000t.



Sanyu Giken responds to customers' needs with a diverse range of facilities from the latest high-speed machining centers to general machines. Consult with us for all your metal machining needs from small to large parts.



Technology is created by human hands and also innovated with human hands. As a group of engineers involved with created goods, we face manufacturing and make challenges every day.


About Us

Leave your die cast mold and metal machining to us!!!
More than half a century of experience as a die cast mold manufacturer aiming for world-class technology

Since our founding in 1948 and establishment in 1970, we have continued to incorporate cutting-edge technology, and design and manufacture a wide range of molds from small to large sizes. We manufacture a diverse class of molds from 125t to 3,000t with the three qualities: mold quality, price quality, and delivery quality. We provide and deliver products not only to Japan, as well as throughout the world. In addition to mold manufacturing, we offer metal machining, mold parts, mold maintenance, improved jigs, inspection jigs, and prototype trials, etc.
Sanyu Giken believes that manufacturing is human development. We grow daily with people in an environment that maximizes the employees' abilities and motivation.


Recruitment Information

We are a truly friendly working environment.

Each person has their own lifestyle, such as family structure and upbringing. Providing the same company benefits for employees who have different lifestyles does not necessarily create an easy environment for employees to work in. Sanyu Giken adopts creative company benefits that are customized to each individual.
We believe that the company should change to enhance the employee's individual life.
This includes adopting flextime work and work-from-home policies, providing single parent allowance, allowing casual attire, enabling fertility treatment leave, providing family celebration gifts, and offering overseas study trips. We reform our benefits every year. Instead of changing work styles, we aim to reform the motivation to work. We want our employees to work with the goal of "growing.” We are confident that this employee growth will lead to our company's growth. Come join us to grow together with new working methods like none other. * Japanese page only.


Voices of Senior Employees

Seeing your future in the company senior employees

We asked senior employees for their honest opinion on the company and their motivation to give you an idea about Sanyu Giken. These senior employees recognize their roles in their workplace and are proud of their work. They have told us about their current work, when they feel fulfillment with their work, and given a message for people visiting this website. Have a look at these senior employees who are growing daily. This page also introduces our world-class technology and how we can grow as individuals. * Japanese page only.



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